Altmetric Badge

STEM Fellowship Journal has its own Altmetric Badge, which is an incredibly useful resource to track the various forms of attention an article has received.

What is an Altmetric Score?
How to attract attention to your article?

After publication in the STEM Fellowship Journal, there are ways to ensure that Altmetric is accurately tracking shares of your article.

  • The link to the paper must be in the main body of the post.
  • The page that is linked to must always include the DOI - such as in this example.
  • Altmetric needs to be tracking the source that shares the article - if unsure, please email to confirm.


At the beginning of the manuscript submission process, authors will apply for an ORCID researcher ID. The creation of an ORCID iD is a good way to start your career as a researcher, as it provides an individual indicator that can be used with any future manuscripts, grants, etc. that you publish. You will be able to use this identifier to link your various research works together.

  • More information on creating and linking your SFJ publication(s) to your ORCID iD as an author are provided within the submission instructions in the OJS Guidelines for Authors
  • To use your ORCID iD to receive Altmetric Data, enter your ORCID iD in the Altmetric Explorer application, see any mentions of your research outputs, export data spreadsheets with the metrics, and set up email alerts for any new mentions associated with your ORCID profile. Further instructions on setting up and using Altmetric Explorer’s ORCID functionality can be found here.