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2020 Undergraduate Big Data Challenge: Personal and Public Health Decisions in a New Open Data Reality

Publication: STEM Fellowship Journal
23 July 2020


The STEM Fellowship Big Data Challenge for undergraduate students is an inquiry-driven experiential learning program that affords students an opportunity to develop and strengthen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while gaining familiarity with the fundamentals of data science (an important skill for the digital age). The students are presented with a number of well-designed workshops that introduces and enhances their knowledge on a broad range of data analytics tools and programming languages which are useful for uncovering hidden patterns, trends in structured and unstructured data. Some of the tools and programming languages the students learnt and used includes Python, R, SAS, Overleaf, and Machine learning.

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cover image STEM Fellowship Journal
STEM Fellowship Journal
Volume 6Number 1December 2020
Pages: 95 - 137


Version of record online: 23 July 2020


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